Solid-waste management,
biogas, and demineralized water production,
and soon, energy production

Ciclus Ambiental uses its expertise in the integrated management of urban solid waste and technologies to generate economic assets from innovative treatments. Ciclus' infrastructure transforms the highly-polluting methane gas and leachate into biogas and demineralized water, respectively. Since Ciclus began the operation in 2012, the project has delivered more than 2.5 million carbon credits to the World Bank and Brazil's Caixa Econômica Federal.
Now, the company is preparing to take a big step: the construction of a Waste-To-Energy Plant (URE in Portuguese) to produce energy from solid waste.

Ciclus Ambiental's projects contribute to four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Health and

Clean and accessible energy;

Industry, innovation, and infrastructure;

Action against global climate change.

Waste Treatment Center (CTR)

Through a concession from Comlurb, the CTR receives approximately 10,000 tons of solid waste daily from Rio de Janeiro and from the municipalities of Seropédica, Itaguaí, Mangaratiba, São João de Meriti, Piraí, and Miguel Pereira.
The Plant is in a 3-million square-meter plot and has a modern bioenergetic landfill with strict environmental standards to treat everything properly and safely.

Waste Transfer
Stations (ETRs)

The ETRs are part of a logistical operation for receiving and transferring waste. In the units, the waste is transferred to vehicles with higher transport capacity, which improves traffic on public roads and reduces the emission of pollutants

Plant (URE)

With a prior construction permit, the Caju URE may be the first WtE (waste-to-energy) plant in the country.
The URE will thermally treat 1.3 thousand tons of waste per day, generating enough electricity to supply 200,000 residents. The technique is applied extensively in Europe and integrates enough social and environmental benefits to become a milestone for the sector in Brazil.

Ciclus Ambiental’s solutions
during the pandemic

People do not stop producing waste, even in the most difficult moments of the COVID-19 pandemic. Safe and sustainable waste management helps to prevent further public health problems and environmental impacts. That is why Ciclus Ambiental does not stop working. Ever.

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